Take A Bite Out Of The Truth: Busting The Myths About Dentures

There are a lot of myths that surround dentures. Unfortunately, these myths scare people away from getting dentures. The truth is, if you get a proper denture fit and take care of your dentures, you'll have a better quality of life than if you didn't get dentures at all. Continue reading to learn more about the misconceptions of wearing dentures. Dentures Are Easy to Notice This myth is the belief that anyone can notice that you are wearing dentures. [Read More]

Do You Know What Instant Orthodontics Means?

A great many adults don't want to spend time or money on straightening their teeth, so orthodontics or braces are not something they would consider. However, orthodontics is well worth the time, cost, and effort for those who want to correct an occlusion. Even if bite is not an issue, you may just want to improve your smile which means that instant orthodontics may be just the thing you are looking for: [Read More]

Top Facts To Consider When Maintaining Dental Implants

A lot of people think that dental implants will last for life and don't need much care once they are placed. However, dental implants need to be cared for in the same manner as natural teeth. Although implants are not prone to decay, they can fail if they are subjected to infection, inflammation, or if undue force is placed on them. Here are some things you should know about taking care of dental implants once they have been fitted. [Read More]

How To Treat Gingivitis Before Your Teeth Start Loosening

Gum disease is often swept under a rug as a condition that's harmless and so common than no one need worry. While some gum disease sufferers will never experience anything more than minor inflammation and pain, others will eventually lose their teeth due to advanced gum disease. If your gums are swollen and painful, or you're seeing streaks of blood in the sink more often than not after brushing or flossing, you have gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. [Read More]