What Are Your Options For Dentures?

Do you want to get dentures to replace your missing teeth but feel confused about the different options? If so, it will help to know the differences between these 3 types of dentures.

Complete Dentures

What makes complete dentures unique is that they are completely removable, with an acrylic base used to support a full row of top and bottom teeth. The process of getting complete dentures does not require surgery, so anybody can get complete dentures without going through a major medical procedure. At most, you'll need to have the remaining teeth extracted so that the complete dentures will fit in your mouth. These are a popular choice among people that need replacement teeth because it is the most affordable option.

The downside to complete dentures is that they are difficult for people to wear, with the dentures potentially falling out of your mouth because they do not have enough suction to stay in place. Covering the upper palate with the acrylic base can also cause problems with your speech, causing you to adjust to talking with others. Complete dentures also make it difficult to chew some tough foods because the dentures can move around or become dislodged.


Overdentures are also known as snap-on dentures, and they attach to dental implants like snapping a button together. Thankfully, you only need several strategically placed implants installed in order to support an entire row of dentures. The benefit of this style of dentures is that you have increased stability that you do not have with complete dentures. It is not going to move around or rely on suctions, which helps keep them in place over time. 

As you can imagine, overdentures are going to cost more money than complete dentures because of the dental implant procedure. Overdentures are also removable, so they can require more care than simply getting dental implants that stay in your mouth. You'll need to remove the overdentures to clean them and clean the implant site as well.

Same-Day Dentures

When you have same-day dentures installed, know that it is a fixed denture that is screwed into place. They give you amazing chewing strength that you are not going to have with other dentures, and you can go back to eating all your favorite foods once again. However, same-day dentures require a different level of care because you need to clean around the base of the dentures that can't be removed. Same-day dentures are also the most expensive option for dentures, but they can provide lifelong results. 

For more information on denture treatment, contact a dentist near you.