Do You Know What Instant Orthodontics Means?

A great many adults don't want to spend time or money on straightening their teeth, so orthodontics or braces are not something they would consider. However, orthodontics is well worth the time, cost, and effort for those who want to correct an occlusion. Even if bite is not an issue, you may just want to improve your smile which means that instant orthodontics may be just the thing you are looking for:

What Does Instant Orthodontics Entail?

In broad terms, instant orthodontics is a situation where several cosmetic dental procedures are used to straighten a patient's smile and correct other defects. Some of these procedures may include:  

  1. Porcelain veneers. In terms of an immediate transformation, this is a typical form of instant orthodontics. These veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom made and bonded to the patient's natural teeth. They can change the size, shape, and color of the teeth. Veneers are normally applied to the upper front teeth and, sometimes, to the lower ones. They work best where there isn't much misalignment and once fitted, they are very durable.  
  2. Crowns, usually porcelain or zirconia. These crowns are a very popular form of modern cosmetic dentistry. The crowns are fabricated from porcelains that range in appearance and strength. When this dentistry work is well done, it is impossible to tell porcelain crowns from the patient's real teeth because their color and strength as well as their ability to reflect light, are designed to closely copy the behavior of natural teeth. Crowns can also be used to fix issues with misalignment where veneers alone are not sufficient. 
  3. Dental bonding. Bonding is a great solution for repairing imperfections on the surface of teeth, for filling spaces between the teeth, or for reshaping teeth. It is an effective way of changing color or repairing chipped teeth (especially when this needs to be done frequently). Furthermore, it is a less costly short-term form of instant orthodontics than porcelain veneers or crowns. 

Are There Any Benefits to Choosing Orthodontics Over Conventional Methods?

Although traditional dentistry continues to play an important role, these methods often involve moving teeth into their correct position as opposed to correcting their appearance. Here are some of the reasons why people opt for instant orthodontics rather than conventional methods of dentistry.

  1. Saves the patient time. Traditional methods can take longer to achieve the desired results.
  2. Control of periodontal disease. Diseases of this nature need to be brought under control before any major dental work is undertaken. In some cases, conventional methods can worsen the situation when teeth are moving into place by causing bone loss, gum recession, or teeth to become loose. 
  3. As a means of treating tooth decay or replacing aged restorations. New restorations can be quicker, easier and cheaper than trying to salvage old restorations. .
  4. Reclaiming a bite that has collapsed over time from everyday habits and general wear. 


Although it may not be right for everyone, instant orthodontics can be ideal for those who want to improve their smile but need more than mere whitening. There are many fast options, so you can expect to achieve a beautiful smile in just a matter of weeks with instant orthodontics. However, over time, some restorations may need re-doing if, say, veneers or crowns break or tooth decay sets in. Above all, good oral hygiene is key to successful cosmetic dentistry.

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