The ABCs Of Getting Your Children Excited About Caring For Their Teeth

You may be passionate about making sure that your little one has a healthy smile, but unless you are a fairly lucky parent, most kids will not reciprocate the same feelings about oral care. It can sometimes feel like dragging your kids to the bathroom to brush their teeth twice a day is as bad as a second job. Even though your youngster may be adamant about avoiding the toothbrush, there is a simple ABC rule set that may be effective at getting your children a bit more excited about caring for their smile. 

Arrange an educational dental visit. 

There is no better place to start with teaching your kids about taking care of their smile than with the dentist. Call up the pediatric dentist and schedule a checkup for your little one. Make sure the dentist knows in advance that your little one is not so happy about keeping their teeth clean and they will do what they can to encourage your child to do better. Sometimes all it takes to get your child a little more interested is a little advice from someone outside of the home. 

Be sure to invest in kid-friendly oral care products. 

Your child won't be nearly as excited about using a plain old toothbrush and floss as they will be about bright, colorful kid-friendly products. Look for toothbrushes that are shaped like favorite characters, play music, change colors, or anything else that you think your child will find interesting. Invest in kid-approved dental floss that is flavored with something they will like, such as bubble gum or fruity flavors. You can even get mouthwash that changes the color of their teeth until their teeth are brushed thoroughly. 

Create a simple clean smile reward system. 

Reward systems work well for smaller kids because even the slightest "prize" can create motivation. Hang up a sticker chart in the bathroom and hand out stickers every time your child brushes or create a grab bag of simple, inexpensive toys and prizes that they can choose from if they brush their teeth every day for a week. Even simple prizes may be encouraging enough to convince a little one to brush. 

Keeping your little one interested in oral care is the easiest way to ensure that they do not develop dental problems over time. If you would like to know more about helping your child get interested in oral care, talk to a pediatric dentist like Londonderry Dental Centre II for more information.